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The Spanish housing market continues showing signs of a steady growth for 2017 and onwards.

Property sales in Spain go up by 18.5% in the first quarter of 2017 the best its been since 2008.

The report looks at the trends in the Costa Blanca trends and market, special attention paid to  to the uncertainty in the Markets and the effects of Brexit.  There is a downward trend of the British Market but they are still the top buyers.

Despite the British, the property market is on its way up which can be seeen by the number of properties bought, and the granting of the Loans.


Spanish Bank BBVA released an upbeat report on the property market and forecasts overall price rises of 2.5% in 2017

Perhaps not the largest amount BUT certainly positive if you are a Vendor and a note for those looking to purchase in Spain.

The Bank sees a likely increase in prices but expects an increase in the number of transactions around the country with a lift of some 7% to nearly 500,000 sales during the year.

In support of this view, a further report by property valuers TINSA has already seen an over all increase of 1.8% in prices for the first quarter of 2017


In the last 2 months, we have seen some incredibly positive things happening in respect of Mortgage lending for Non-residents.

At the current time negotiations in process for 70% Mortgages for most nationalities on a case by case basis

Low interest rates from annual Euribor plus 2%

Products without compulsory life assurance

30 year terms available

Fast track approval with decisions in 1 to 2 weeks from submitting all requested documents.

With the exchange rates for British Buyers over the 1.20 figure, now is an excellent timt to invest.

If you have been thinking about buying a property in Spain, then you could do well to realise that now is a particularly good time in local and national markets.

This Region of Costa Blanca has been quietly building a strong reputation for itself, whilst the local property specialists in places like Javea, Denia, , Calpe and Benissa have a depth of character which has endeared them to investors and residents alike.

The beauty of this area and the sympathetic way that building is controlled in these areas, and the local real estate agents who have refined a knowledge of the area to help you make the right choice, is fairly unique.   All our staff have been in this area from 5 to 20 years, so our knowledge is extensive---and concerns you may have, we can help or advice you.    This is our work and we are with you every step of the way.

Knowing the people you are doing business with when buying or selling a property is enormously important.   Fortunately in the northern Costa Blanca you will have the chance to cultivate such a relationship and relax in the knowledge that they have been through all the same procedures as you will be doing.   In this area, many Agents collaborate so everyone works together to find you your dream property.

The Costa Blanca area is in a favourable position as Spain collectively emerges from a tough period in its history with a renewed strength and stability.

Record breaking year on year improvements in sales and transactions, a healthy measurement across the majority of Spanish regions, and solid indicators for related markets inthuding rental, construction and legal sectors, all pointing now toward a property economy standing on firm foundations.

So if you are looking to buy or sell, remember that your interests will be best served by engaging with a local property specialist who knows the area well.

Molino Villas can help you !   Call us.....

Spain 'top destination' for Brits buying property abroad

Spain is still the first choice for British buyers looking for a property overseas, a new survey has revealed.

Research conducted by A Place in the Sun magazine at two of its live exhibitions found that real estate in Spain has retained its appeal among the British market.

France, Portugal, Italy and the USA completed the top five, with eight out of the ten most popular destinations in Europe.

Liz Rowlinson, editor of the publication, commented: "What's really interesting about our annual Ten Best Places to Buy Abroad survey is that it shows UK buyers are sticking to tried and tested European countries."

Director at Conti Clare Nessling recently made a similar observation in an interview with Mortgage Introducer.

She told the publication that investors are being drawn to overseas property by the potential for higher returns than those generated by UK-based assets.

Ms Nessling added that strong rental prospects and capital growth are among the factors buyers are considering when searching for a real estate investment abroad.

In September 2013 the Spanish Government introduced a new law for Non Eu investors.  

Spain is now granting the Golden Visa to non EU citizens carrying out investments namely purchasing a Spanish property of a certain surface area  at costing least 500,000 euros per person.   There are also certain requirements of income per person and savings in your bank account.   If there are children involved, you also have to  provide proof of income and savings.

 The investment must be made prior to the application and maintained for a mimimum period of 5 years after the Residency is granted.

This move is expected to attract large number of investors, especially from Asia, Middle East and Russia.

DURATION   The investment will provide a visa for at least one year.   The visa is then renewed for two successive periods of two years, provided that the requirements below are maintained and the applicant must be

a)  in possession of a valid visa or one which expired less than 90 days prior.

b)   There is no minimum stay period in Spanish territory, but the the holder of the Permit must travel at least once to Spain, during the period preceding each renewal.

c)   Sustain the investment

At Molino Villas collaborates with Advisors who can help you with this decision and assist you with all the paperwork.

With effect from June lst 2013 every property for sale or being rented will need to have an Energy Performance Certificate. A qualified Architect will take data on the composition of the building, Installations of Boilers, Air Conditioning, heating systems etc and rate the property accordingly.

This will not effect a Seller apart from information for the Buyer.

Charges for the certificate start from 250 euros. Call us for further information

All our properties offered already have or pending Energy Efficiency Certificates that will be provided on or before the date of sale.

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