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It would appear that there are 4 main categories that buyers fall into:-

1)  Spanish clients - looking to buy a home for themselves and family.  Just as most U.K. based people,  their priorities are :- being close to the best schools, being as close as possible to the work place, being close to extended family.  This group often preferring apartments very close to amenities regardless of noise, pylons, lack of garden and swimming pools.

2)  Overseas clients who are frequent visitors to Spain, particularly this part of Spain, always thinking 'one day' when we retire or Uncle Fred leaves us a stash of cash, we will buy a property in Spain, either as a permanent residence or as an often used holiday home.  This group usually have a well defined idea of which town they prefer and which area of the town and are often reluctant to consider alternatives.

3) Clients who visit for the first time, and fall in love with the charm and beauty of the area, and decide to buy.  Mostly they will, at least in the beginning, use it as a holiday home and will prefer a property with low maintenance, walking distance to the beach and amenities and will often offset the mortgage and or other expenses by renting the property out for several weeks of the year. They are more open about area and town and will view suitable properties in a variety of places.

4) Investment clients: either looking to buy a property with good rental return, or they are looking for a 'doer upper' thinking to put in a lot of refurbishment work and make a good profit at the end - rather like the 'Homes under the hammer' programme, but in lovely sunny Spain!  This last category are very difficult to satisfy, as any such property is snapped up by the locals before it comes to the market place, Auctions are very rare.  Price being the most important consideration here .

Part of the estate Agent's job is to recognise the needs of the client as quickly as possible . Since the advent of the 'internet' the market place has changed and the client will often only allow 1 or 2 hours for viewing with any one Agent, thus not really making it easy for an agent to use his/her knowledge to find that dream home.

Some times it is difficult for the sellers to understand why all prospective purchasers are not being offered their property.  There is little point in showing them the totally the wrong house, antagonising both buyer and seller.  A professional, experienced Agency will qualify and then provide the right client for the right property in the shortest time.

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  Mon 16th Oct 2017
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