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Renovapool is a company established for over 12 years and is able to help you to look after your pool , and to give you advice  on keeping it clean and sparkling.

Pool maintenance: Why should I ask an expert to maintain my pool?

The company is involved in the fields of swimming pool maintenance,  salt water systems, solar and conventional heating, electrics or just keeping it clean !    Renovapool also offers you full or part time maintainance,  to change the sand in your filter, get machinery replaced and accessories upgraded.

Solar Heating...Why should I heat my pool?

You have bought a swimming pool for a number of reasons like family fun, exercise, entertaining and possibly even for therapeutic reasons.  However you've probably found that without heating your pool it's often too cold to enjoy.  Heating your pool will allow you to extend the swimming season, perhaps all year round (with a cover)  thereby increasing the return on your sizable investment.

Choosing the right heating system

There are three basic types of pool heating systems: Solar,  Electric Heat Pump,  and Gas (Natural or Butane/Propane). Deciding which system is the best match for you and your pool is determined by considering the factors below:

• Water temperature desired
• Swimming season desired
• Geographic location / climate
• Project budget
• The size/shape of the pool, plus shading/wind factors
• Cost of operation

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  Thu 26th Oct 2017
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