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An Introduction to the game of Pilota Valenciablog image

The exact origins of this fascinating game are unknown, it is certainly more than 6 centuries old or maybe often older as there is reference to a French medieval game called Jeu de Paume. which was documented in 1292.    There are several types of Pilota namely Escala i corda which is the most popular and it is regularly played through the Valencia region.   Other types are Llargues which is the oldest varient and played in the northern part of Alicante, and finally Raspall which is played in the streets or walled courts called 'trinquets'

There has been a marked interest in this game in recent years with over 150 'trinquets' opened in the region including in a new one in Javea in 2010.   Javea once boasted a much older trinquet which was played amongst the old town walls.   Bar Trinquet  is a reminder of this former location and there are old photographs on the steps of the basement which records the past.

The local Club de Pilota de Xabia has been promoting this sport for many years and produced many talented players.  Competitive matches are organised and take place at the Trinquet de Xabia in the Frechinal area of Javea.   Once a year the Television cameras come to Javea to televise one of the games.  In addition there are a number  of games throughout the year which take place in the streets.   Beware if you are a casual spectator, the game moves very quickly.

Look out for the posters that appear around the town during the  week.   Everyone is welcome.


  Sun 11th Feb 2018
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