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ITS A NEW YEAR and maybe you are considering purchasing a property in Spain but you will need a small mortgage to either purchase or refurbish a property.

Spanish banks are happy to lend to foreign clients but as normal in Spain (!) you will be required to provide lots of information.

To have this available prior to finding your dream property will assist you greatly.

1)   Copy of Passport

2)   NIE Certificate

3)   Your last 2 wages slips

4)   2 x P60 certificates or Tax returns

5)   Full Experian credit report available through

6)   Previous 6 months current account statements showing wages and and loans or mortgages

7)   Copy of any other accounts in your country showing that you have the balance for the purchase of the property (remaining 30%  balance and 15% approx. for taxes)

8)   If you do have Mortgages or loans, proof of pending balance and /or monthly payments.

9)   General information about your activity, family situation

10)   Confirmation if you have any other mortgages in Spain.

The Banks do NOT charge for assessing you for a Mortgage.  Once they have agreed then the final decision will be made once a property is found.

Please be prepared that this will take time, so it is best to visit your Bank with the paperwork and get agreement in principle.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you require any further information.


  Wed 2nd Jan 2019
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