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What will I do in Spain for relaxation?blog image

What will I do in Spain for relaxation?

This is a question asked by would-be buyers and the short answer is 'whatever you are interested in there is almost always a club or group for it!'

General interests

Golf - There are a plethora of courses :- 9 hole, 18 hole and 27 hole. There are 3 ways to play:-

1)  Buying a golf share affording cheap round rates and this can be sold on.

2)  Annual fees affording cheap round fees.

3)  Pay by round.  The bar, and restaurant and indeed the greens are open to everyone but some clubs have a minimum handicap rule for players.

Contract Bridge.  There are many clubs of varying standards from lessons/beginners to 50%+ only players.

Amateur Dramatics :- Again there are many groups.

Choirs:- Several to choose from.

Painting and pottery.  A few places have classes.

For the energetic:-

Gymnasiums, Zumba, Pilates, Modern Jive, Ballroom Dancing, Sailing, Skiing, Walking, Tennis, Padel. Courts, classes and clubs all available. Due to our fantastic weather many of the outdoor sports are very popular!

Gardening:- There are many clubs.

Computer:-  Lessons and clubs.

Spanish lessons and conversational groups. Many of these are available either as one to one, or in a small group.

Mostly for men (women welcome)

Fishing - deep sea and river.

Harley Davison motorbike club.

Cricket and Football. Several clubs are available as supporters or players.

Mostly for women.

Flower arranging.

Literature appreciation club

Ladies dining club

Helping charity shops and organisations for animals in general, dogs, cancer support, local orphanages etc.

General social activities.

In addition there are many social clubs for instance:-

U3A - An International group, non profit making and essentially a social networking

organisation for sharing skills and interests predominantly for non working people.

Lions club, Similar to the U.K

Rotary club, Similar to the U.K.

English speaking club.

These are just a few of the many clubs and charities that are supported by ex pats.

As our weather is good all year round eating out, garden parties and BBQ's are enjoyed by all.

Other pastimes include :- Cinemas, many of which cater for the English language if not already in English, many live music venues, Karaoke, small theatres offering traditional musical items, plays etc. and larger venues in Alicante, Benidorm and Valencia offering International opera , orchestral, and ballet productions as well as modern international musical gigs.

Unique to Spain there are also the delightful Fiestas. During the year every town has a week long, fabulous fiesta 'The Moors and Christians'.  Many of the Spanish residents (and a few foreigners!) support a club or 'Fila' all year culminating in a week of organised events including a magnificent Grand parade in full costume, and featuring many local bands and guest spectaculars like dancing horses, and exotic entrants like dancing elephants taking part. This is to celebrate the driving out of the Moors from Spain and involves re-enactments of battles and speeches. Spain loves fireworks and there are fantastic displays to accompany all fiestas.

Many towns and villages also have a week long, more religious fiesta commemorating their patron Saint. This includes Church services, parades, music and dancing to the early hours of the morning.

There are so many more interesting leisure activities, too many in fact to mention, but not finding enough to do is an uncommon complaint!!

If you would like more information, or links to websites where possible, please do email us at  and we will endeavour to help or alternatively contact us on 0034 966 492 335.

  Sat 21st Oct 2017
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