Buying a Property

CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to buy a property in Spain, so what do you do now?

It's important to know where you want to live, which area you prefer, the coast or inland. Molino Villas can help you with that decision by discussing your particular requirements and showing you properties in all these areas.  As our testimonials show, one of our assets is our ability to listen and this we do well. We are happy to liaise with you and prepare an itinerary of properties working closely with you, to ensure that you only see what you want to see. We would prepare a portfolio of properties prior to your arrival for you to agree and then the visits begin.

Dealing with each area and showing you around the area is as important as buying the property, i.e. proximity to shops, restaurants, beaches, dog walking areas etc.  All our Staff have lived in the area for over 5 years, some over 20 years and are well equipped to help you find your way around.

It's  important not to see too many properties in one day and end up confused.

We print off property details so that you can make your own comments and recap in the evening over a glass of wine or beer.

It's a big decision so when you have narrowed your decision down to a couple of properties, it's always a good idea to return to the property at a different time of day to review and ask any questions you may have.

When your dream property has been chosen and a fair price negotiated this is the following steps.

1) You will sign a reservation contract together with a non-refundable deposit of 3,000 euros, sometimes more, to the Agent's client account, which will be held for you pending the full Contract.  In this Reservation, Contract and the names of all parties, the property address and registration details, the date of when the next payment is due and any other important details i.e. furniture, mortgage etc.

If it appears that the property has technical or legal problems which are unsolvable, then the contract will be annulled and the 3,000 euro deposit refunded to the buyer.  This very rarely happens as most good lawyers can find a solution.

Your Gestor/Lawyer or, indeed us, will be able to assist you with obtaining an NIE number (Numero de extranjeros) necessary to buy a property in Spain.  Basically, this is an identification number in order to purchase a property, pay taxes and to buy large items. You will need a passport photograph and a photocopy of your passport.

2) A Gestor or Lawyer is appointed and the administration commences. Only when this is completed and the property is shown to be free of debt and registered correctly, will the buyer be asked to pay the 10% and both parties sign the Sales contract.

As Agents we will be working with you, answering questions and checking paperwork.

3) The Escritura (Sales Deed) will be signed at the notary and the outstanding amount paid. You will be handed the keys and can move into your dream property.  The Deed will be registered at the Land Registry and utilities transferred into your name.

MOLINO VILLAS will work with you from the beginning of your search to the end and thereafter offer a lifelong aftercare service. We are always here to assist you if we can.

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